About me

My everyday work is presented on my website. Here you can read why I chose my job.

Hi, I’m Ferre! My interest in everything tech related started at a young age. It goes from space rockets to blockchain, and yes, also websites!

I have been interested in website development for a very long time now. Ok, so the first websites I built weren’t that pretty, but over the years I’ve gained more and more experience and today I am proud to call myself a full stack WordPress developer. Full stack meaning that I specialize in front end and back end development.

Actually I started my career as a Graphic Designer, but along the way I got more and more interested in development, particularly WordPress development. I have been building websites with WordPress for almost a decade now. For my wide range of clients I’ve built webshops, online academies, membership platforms and of course business websites.

So I am a freelance WordPress developer, but where do I live? I grew up in The Netherlands and have lived there for most of my life. The last three years I have lived in Bali, Indonesia but in the summer of 2020 decided to move back to The Netherlands. I work remote for all my projects, with all the tools available today there is no difference anymore in the physical location where I work. I have meetings over Zoom, do project management in Basecamp and track my time with Toggl. By working this way I am able to stay fully organized and it has been said that my clients even work more efficiently because of this. Of course, when my client has their tools sorted already I am always flexible.

Are you interested in my services? Check out the page Hire me on my website, you can find all the details about my workflow and other stuff you want to know.

If you have any questions for me or just want to say hello, send an email to hi@ferre.dev!

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