wordpress jira integration

Unleash the Power of
Jira & WordPress

This integration improves security and productivity, simplifying your team workflow and allows focus on delivering high-quality work to clients.

Simplify, Secure, and Optimize Your Productivity

The Jira-WordPress Integration connects a powerful project management tool, Jira, with a widely-used content management system, WordPress. This integration allows teams to easily manage and track their projects, tasks, and deadlines within one centralized platform.

WordPress Jira Service Desk

This integration allows Jira Service Desk to be seamlessly integrated into the WordPress backend, providing a streamlined experience for clients to submit and track their support requests. This integration allows clients to access the service desk directly from their WordPress website, making it easy for them to submit requests and receive assistance without navigating away from the website.

Wordpress Jira Confluence

This integration allows Jira Confluence pages to be easily accessed from the WordPress backend. This integration allows clients to view the knowledge base and tutorials on how to use their WordPress website directly from their website’s backend, providing a seamless experience and easy access to helpful information.

WordPress Jira Issue Collector

This integration allows you to easily embed a Jira feedback form into your WordPress website. With this integration, you can add a trigger tab on your website, allowing visitors to conveniently submit feedback and suggestions directly to Jira. Once a visitor submits the form, an issue is automatically created in Jira, making it easy for you to track and respond to feedback from your website.

Jira Chat With WordPress

This integration allows you to add a live chat feature to the WordPress backend, providing a more convenient way for clients to get help. This integration allows clients to receive assistance and support directly from their WordPress website without having to navigate away from it. It allows clients to quickly get answers to their questions, troubleshoot problems, and get help with their issues, all from the convenience of their WordPress website.

Simple & Secure

WordPress Jira SSO

This SSO (Single Sign-On) integration allows your team to log in to the WordPress backend of client websites using their Jira credentials. It improves security by automatically removing access to the WordPress website when a users access to Jira is revoked.

wordpress jira sso

Frequently asked questions

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Can clients use the Jira WordPress SSO?
No. The Jira WordPress SSO is created with your team members in mind. When a staff member has access to the Jira project that corresponds with that WordPress website, they have access to the WordPress backend. When someone leave the team and are removed from Jira, they also lose access to the clients WordPress wesites.
Is the Jira WordPress SSO only for developers?
No, it can be used by all staff members. Access to WordPress websites can be managed by what Jira-projects and Jira-groups the user is part of.
And what costs this goodness?
That depends on which features you want. Leave your details in the form below if you want more info!

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